June 10, 2009

The T-Shirt Mystery + Dearth of TwiCrack

I've been cracking up over the Twilight T-Shirt Mystery. With no new news lately, our minds have wandered to solving mundane mysteries, including the all important challenge of whether or not Kristen has been wearing RPattz's t-shirts. Now I'm gonna weigh-in, as if I had no work to do.

People initially claimed that KStew and RPattz shared the teeny 'Delicious' shirt above. We-ll, TwiFans now has proof that Rob's shirt was actually a different shirt.(So Not DELICIOUS!)

However, it still cracks me up imagining that Rob and Kristen could've shared this little shirt in the first place! KStew is one skinny little lady, look at how she squeezed her bony arms into those teeny armsleeves!

Can you imagine RPattz in the same super-tight shirt? LOL.

As for the mystery gray-shirt -- I just think that we need some real Twilight news. :-)

Thanks, RobSten for the heads-up!


  1. True true.

    Personally I just love seeing the celebs happy.

  2. Thank you for commenting on this.

    I mean honestly now...that shirt almost doesn't fit her it could never fit him. LOL

  3. That tee shirt on him would have looked so gay.

    I'm glad you put that to rest!

  4. Looks photoshopped

  5. look this:


    its no the same...

  6. I think it's just a sweet gesture on Robs part if it's true. And for Kristen to wear it is a sign of her missing her friend. Thats all.

  7. You know maybe they're playing with our heads to keep the rumor fresh...is like if she's trying to get the attention using the same cloth that he has...this is crazy! hehehe

  8. Thanks TCA!! I thought the same thing it would be too big for her. I have to laugh every time I would read the blog about the cloths/sunglasses etc. These guys are making millions of dollars-( I think they can buy their own t-shirts) but are young and dress appropriately. There's not much variety when it comes to t-shirt and jeans- other than color and writting on them- I have a similiar tee- am I wearing rob's shirt too. No:(( damn- would that be something. LOL

  9. I wonder how that got started. It was so easy to spot that it wasn't the same shirt.


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