June 4, 2009

Stephenie Meyer is #26 on Forbe's Most Powerful Celebrities 2009

Forbes honors Stephenie as the 26th most powerful celeb!
Thanks to the success of Meyer's Twilight series, 2008 became the year of the vampire. The low-profile author sold 29 million books last year, releasing two new novels (Breaking Dawn and The Host) and selling hoards of paperbacks of what have become instant classics (Twilight, Eclipse and New Moon). Last November, gothy fans camped out to catch the first film based on the series; Twilight grossed $70 million opening weekend. A partial rough draft of the fifth Twilight book leaked online last August; Meyer published the full draft on her Web site and announced the book wouldn't be published.


  1. Yah Steph!
    I love that through it all she's remaining "low profile" and down-to-earth.

  2. She should call up Stephen King and tell him to kiss her ass. (although I think she has WAAAY too much grace to do such a thing even though he totally deserves it)

    I hope and pray that Stephanie finishes Midnight Sun...it rounds out Twilight nicely. I would hit the stores and buy all of the books again if they were instead written from Edward's point of view.

    Love you Steph, congratulations!!

  3. wait i thougth she only put like 13 chaptersof midnight sun up on her website?????

  4. am I missing where she announced she wasn't publishing Midnight Sun?


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