June 6, 2009

*Spoilers* Chris Weitz Directing KStew in Italy + Montepulciano Fan Report

TwiFans has pics of Chris Weitz directing KStew during the fountain scene in Italy.

Also, Radaronline shares Twilight fan Ellie's blog about her Italy adventure:

The scene they were filming that day was the one where Ashley and Kristen make their way up Volterra to the Piazza in the yellow Porsche. We were supposed to act as if we didn't notice the car trying to get through the crowd until it honked and was near us, because obviously we had to get out of the way. We did the take several times, from all different directions and angles. They were using the body doubles that day and Ashley's double was a man, which we found pretty hilarious! (Alice doesn't have a 'stache!) We figured they chose him because of his driving experience. He was clearly very adept at maneuvering the car through the narrow streets.

After the final take, they brought us all down to the road they'd been filming on, and there was a sea of fans with cameras rolling. The Porsche was parked in front of us, and everyone was taking pictures of us with the car. The assistant director made a speech thanking us for all our hard work and telling us we'd done a really great job. It was the last day of shooting in Italy, and it was sad for us to see the fountain being taken apart and the set being cleared away. (Apparently some fans and extras even kept pieces of the fountain.)

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