June 10, 2009

SORRY: My Blog is Plagued with Prophylactic Ads + I Dunno What to Do

One of my readers emailed me, and asked me if I'd put up advertisements for Trojan you-know-whats on my blog. The answer is a big, fat NO. I can't control the ads that pop up randomly on my side-bar -- sometimes it's for Twilight quizzes, sometimes it's for McDonald's, etc. I have no idea what sort of Googly-logic goes into what ads pop up on my site.

How ironic, especially since on some levels, Twilight plugs abstinence before marriage.
P.S. Sorry everybody, especially you youngins'. I hope the ads go away soon -- working to figure out how to take 'em down.


  1. If you have firefox you can block all ads with the add-on "adblock Plus" I love it! I didn't even know what ad you were talking about Jen!

  2. On FireFox I don't see any :)

    But that is funny.

  3. MelissaisatwilightloverJune 10, 2009 at 9:37 PM

    Haha you posted it! you made my day...

  4. Thats a riot. I did take notice of the Trojan advertisement. An immature giggle did escape me, I admit.

  5. yeah firefox doesn't get many adds.. i think thats funny tho hehe :).. plus u gotta think.. twilight does get abit..steamy eventually best to educate the youngsters now :)

  6. I come to say the adblock Plus wonder but others gilrs know to, is cool!!!

    You can put that advice, use Firefox or die...something like that >3<


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