June 18, 2009

Solomon Trimble to be a Special Guest at Quileute Days Celebration

TeamSolomon reports that Solomon Trimble "will be the special guest of The Quileute Nation of La Push, WA during their annual Quileute Days celebration July 17-19 2009."
Twilight (and Solomon!) fans are encouraged to attend and enjoy a photo op with Solomon Trimble on First Beach.

The Quileute Tribe extends a cordial welcome to all to join them for their celebration of cultural heritage and modern lifestyle. Guests will enjoy a traditional Salmon bake, Quileute arts and crafts, dancing and songs, adult and youth softball tournaments, parade and a fireworks display.
Get more deets at TeamSolomon.

1 comment:

  1. Isn't he the coolest?
    I love him.
    I wish I was anywhere near WA so I could attend.


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