June 23, 2009

Seeking 'Summer Intern': Looking for My Bloggy Soulmate

Wanted: Yin to my Yang

Anybody addicted to TwiCrack enough to work for free? :-)

After months of solo-blogging, my inbox is totally out of control, my affiliate requests have gone unanswered for *months* (so sorry everybody), and in simple terms, I'm just a mess.

Consequently, I'm looking for a 'Summer Intern' who shares my bloggy philosophy, is funny as Hale, and who may be willing to help me out with updating and maintaining my blog this summer.

So, I'm holding my own 'auditions' for a bloggy-buddy who is willing to commit to helping me out over the next month or so. If you are interested in taking your Twilight obsession to another level and think that you share a complementary vision for blogging, please email me at twicrackaddict [at] gmail.com with 'Summer Intern' in the subject title!




  1. I hope you'll find someone soon :) I already have a support Page and I'm doing it with a friend, this is soo good to have someone by your site :D good luck!

  2. Oh good luck! I'm sure you'll have tons of aps!

  3. Fantastic idea! I would throw my hat in the ring but er, I barely know whether I am coming or going most days as it is - lol.

    I hope you find your bloggy soul mate...

    : )

  4. I want to be your bloggy soulmate!

  5. ME , ME , ME !!!!!PLZ!!!!!!!!*puppy-dog face* plz!!!!!!Upset i don't know about computer technical stuff, like linking stuff and how to contact someone for a blog.I would LOVE to , but i don't have experience linking things and how to contact someone online , i would like to , but maybe your trying to find someone with more experince.Good luck , though!I hope you find a bloggy soulmate soon =)
    love you,
    ~Renesmee Cullen>i<

  6. Good Luck finding someone! I have wished for someone too...it is a lot of work updating all the time on top of work and my kids to boot! But Good luck!

  7. Wow do I feel guilty now!! Here I sit waiting for all your wonderful updates and you are stressed and overworked....for no pay. I hope you find several helpers to take the load off. You deserve a break and thank you for all your efforts on our behalf.

  8. I'm an experienced blogger and Twi-Mom, and would be happy to help since I did not get the job of being RPattz's coffee stirrer. My application has been submitted. :)

  9. i would love to do it,anything about twilight

  10. Good luck. I would so apply but i am gearing up for Renn fest.

  11. PICK ME!!!!! you're my twicrack dealer!!!!!!!



  12. I would love to!!! You r amazing!

    But I am trying to do my own nerdy blog, I have 5 followers!!!! Yippee!! Wish me TwiLuck!!

    Your site totally was my inspiration to just get all my freakish Twi thoughts out and in the open!


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