June 11, 2009

RPattz in the Big Apple - Hanging Out With His Cullen Mom

Robsessed has details of Rob hanging out in NYC:
Around 11:15pm on Wednesday night, Robert and a group of pals, including good friend, actor Tom Sturridge, his Twilight mom Elizabeth Reaser and actress Eva Mendes, were all enjoying themselves at NYC's Bowery Bar, throwing back a few Peroni beers and nibbling on pizza between trips outside to enjoy an occasional smoke. These four were also joined by three others, a blonde woman and two guy friends.
Read the rest at ROBsessed.


  1. Soooo...close... must...resist...stalker...urges...

  2. What if I was in NYC I'd stalk!

  3. oh look a picture of Rob talking to me on his cell phone! *mwah* baby!!!!!

  4. Sounds like Rob is having a grand time in NYC. I love my East Coast people. We're like National Geographic when we stalk. We try not to disturb our prey's natural habitat, lol.


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