June 9, 2009

RPattz Birthday Cake: Vanessa Has Awesome Friends

Vanessa celebrated her birthday in style last night when her friends treated her to this special b'day cake. Nice! Happy 27th B'day, Vanessa!


  1. We know Vanessa, you are the one and only true Mrs. Cullen :)

    xoxo a Carlisle fan, lol

  2. that cake is kool it would be hard 2 cut it lol

  3. SOOOOOOOOOO kewl !Yummm. Im not just talking about how yummy the cake looks im talking about the hunky vampire.hehe.LOL!I want one for my 13 birthday in October 25. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY VANESSA (Mrs.Cullen)
    ~Renesmee Cullen_ :)

  4. lovely cake. i'd love to take a bite out of that jaw. =)


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