June 16, 2009

RPattz On Set Today: Hiding from Bat-sh*t Crazies View With an Umbrella

It certainly is a nice sunny day here near NYC! See more pics of Rob with faux cuts & bruises on the set of Remember me today at Gossip Girls.


  1. Screw the umbrella and go with a TASER!!!

  2. he looks despress and sad a little.Poor Rob =( Fame has gotten Rob freaked out and ALOT , we(twilighters who RESPECT him and adore and love him alot)let's try to give him a break.He has many things going on like what happened yesterday , Kstew , his personal life , Fame alot is going on , etc. Too many things going on for him , and he has many things/problems in his plate.He cant go to NYC and get coffee @ Starbucks beacuse crazy bitches who look old enough to be his grandma , grandmother or even great grandmother stalk him and sexual harass him i guess those bitches never learned their manners and how to RESPECT ppl or dont even know what RESPECT means or don't know the word RESPECT.I think those bitches shoulg go to rehab and stay there for idk ... their rest of their life.And im a 12 year old , 8th grader and knows better than them my manners and how and what RESPCET is and mean.That was totally wrong.Im thinking that Rob might start giving RESTRAINING ORDERS.

  3. I feel so bad , he HAS to walk with a umbrella and with many bodyguards aroung him who don't do a very good job.I think he might want to quit the role of Edward Cullen idk, why?I just have a feeling about that anad has been in my mind for over a week. And that he doesn't really like us Twilighter's that much cuz of those crazy BITCHES.

  4. Glad to see him laughing- at first I thought he was wearing suspenders. Hee hee

  5. I'm sad about him,all the fame and all this crazy womans etc.It's too much!!!!!Poor Rob!
    But I don't think that he is so sad...:S
    He is laughing all the time!And I'm happy for him,because he is realy good guy!!!!

    pc.Lol,my mom is watching Twilight RIGHT NOW (AGAIN)!God I can't stand it!Me here,writing about Rob-Twilight etc. and she is watching Twiligt!We're tolking about verey very crazy family!(Rob have so beautiful voice!)^_^


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