June 10, 2009

Robert is Forbes' 7th Fastest Rising Star

Forbes recognizes RPattz's rising star power, and lists him in their top ten rising stars:
Pattinson, tied for seventh place with fellow vampire Anna Paquin of True Blood, has created a teenage heartthrob empire since the release of Twilight in November 2008. The film, whose opening box office earnings were $70 million, played in theaters for over four months. Pattinson has been featured on several magazine covers, including the April 2009 cover of GQ magazine, and is slated to have lead roles in three upcoming films, including the sequel to Twilight in theaters this November.
Read the rest at Forbes. What's weird is that the Gosselins from Jon & Kate are on the list too. Wha?

[via Cullen Boys Anonymous]


  1. Congratulations Rob! We love you and can't wait to see your future projects!!

  2. I hate Jon and Kate! I have three young sons myself. My two oldest were diagnosed with autism and my youngest has developmental delays from being around autism all his life. My family gets barely any help from the state, because they make cutbacks on the mentaly handicapped, but not our precious roads and tourism. Then I turn on the television to find a family like the Gosselins that had a liter of children and their being given houses and chopper bikes and so on. Where the hells the help for those families, like my kids, that really need it!? The Octo Mm is worse in my eyes.

    UGH! Sorry, just venting for the millions of families that need to be heard.

  3. I agree Kerri- Reality T.V. has really taken a turn for I don't know what!! So much explotation. Wish we could go back to actual shows with actors/actress doing their jobs, instead of any yahoo off the street trying to make a buck and 15 minutes of fame. So superficial, baffles my mind- I personally don't have a need for state/gov help, but I know a hell of a lot of people that do in your similiar situation with children with needs, hopefully someone will wake up and take notice soon.
    Congrats to Rob- I look forward to seeing him grow as an actor and see how all this craziness- shapes as a man.


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