June 19, 2009

Pouty Pattz

TwiFans has a whole slew of pics of Rob on the set today. Check 'em out here.

Thanks, Ashley TWA! :-)


  1. Oh, the things I want to do to that lip!

  2. hahaha To that lip only Kerri?? I'll take the whole package!!! haha He looks sooo handosme when he dress like that!! Oh my god! I wish I could have that beautiful human being at home...I would be very very very happy...ok back to reality!

  3. poor thing. I really hope they get him more security! Come on, Summit!!! Help him.

  4. He may have to learn to deal with sudden fame, I agree, but he should be allowed to enjoy it, without being attacked everytime he takes a freakin walk!! I felt the same way yesterday in the rain her in NY. I beginning to think we live in Seattle!! So I hope the fact that this guy looks so gloomy and sad a shit was because of the weather!!

  5. P.S. Yes, Brad and Angelina- have a lot of fans, but they can go to the store, take their kids to school without being attacked!!
    Have a friend who kid goes to school and has become friends with their son- They have met Brad, cuz he has sit in the back of class- while Angie is filming her movie- no craziness- just normal conversation about how the kids get along so well. Conversation from one parent to another, no near misses of being run over!!

  6. Um.....can imagine soft sweet sucking of that scrumptious bottom lip...

    ..........what'd I do with those batteries....

  7. i wonder what he's frowning at. . .

  8. that mouth is just asking for it

    and his hand, so, yeah, umm


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