June 11, 2009

Poop + Twilight Collision: Twilight Nappy

Yes, folks. This is a Twilight-inspired diaper, which you can buy on Etsy. Here are the deets:
Twilight Diaper has black suede cloth inner with silver snaps. A hidden body layer of flannel with 4 layers of Hemp french Terry for the soaker.

This is a uber soft and squishy diaper!
Inneresting. Very inneresting.

Thanks, Melissa!


  1. LOL thats so funny and they even made a new twilight board game just bought it at a bookstore so much FUN! based on the movie =)

  2. wow...Twilight diapers...I'm speechless

  3. Huh, who knew that someone would actually come up with something like this?

  4. I wanna say I'm not surprised, but I kinda am... Wow.

  5. In the words of Cleveland from The Family Guy. "That's Nasty"

  6. It would be cuter if it said something about Reneesme.


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