June 27, 2009

Peter Facinelli Signing at 'Affliction' on June 30th

Get more details at Affliction (under News).

Thanks, Coral!


  1. Well, there is a lot of screaming going on from the spectators side - and - whoops - from the actors' side as well. But if you look at it a bit closer you see that there are at least four of them who got jobs and don't need to draw attention by thread-bare twitter-actions which seem to me like: Please, please don't forget me, I am a real good star, you just haven't noticed so far...

    Dr Carlisle Cullen - a quite respectable character with a history of some years - a personality to remember - trading his set-chair just to stay in the spot-light on youtube - a rotten video - OMG - is that necessary????????

    I am not looking forward to seeing him again - little Alice sitting in a vulgar outfit on a kitchen furniture - what a pity! I loved her so much and now she is just giving in and starting to prostitute herself for this short period of being in the focus of attention - alas!

    James/Bella/Edward working - NON-Twilight activities - keeping them alive and vibrant and...
    focussed on a post-twilight future, which there will be, not constantly sucking and straining our nerves until we will get sick of the whole thing and forget what it really is - a life-style-literary-timeless revolution between a fantastic saga and its protagonists brought to life by a film!!!
    May our love be able to live on in truth and seriousness - and not be deteriorated by the hyping up of worthless products.

  2. Peter has been an actor for 20 years, and those that know his acting pre-twilight and post-twilight already know that he his a good actor, that has grown in his craft. He is not in his teens or twenties just starting out needing to establish himself or stay on a bandwagon for success. He most likely is doing this for fun and love of the fans more than anything. Don't know him personally, but from different interviews over the years he is a humble, kind, family man. As with any smart person in Hollywood, you ride the train while it's moving, because it eventually stops until a new one comes along- and that doesn't happen that often in Hollywood.

  3. See your point of view - thank you!!!!!

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  5. Ooooo!*exicted* I can probably go because i live 5 hours away from L.A .

    @ Heidi Ho : Thanks for sharing your point of view of Peter , it was really nice what you wrote , open my mind more about him.And TCA thanks for sharing this =)

  6. Facinelli is working on non Twilight stuff. He currently is working alongside Edie Falco in Nurse JAckie. So he doesn't need attenton. He is doing this for his fans and to have fun.

  7. Wow, this is happen' 40 minutes from me and I just happen to have that day off... I think I'll find myself in LA next Tuesday afternoon. Too bad my partner in crime (sister) can't go. Oh well, more for me cuz Peter is awesome with awesome sauce on top. =D

  8. Anonymous on top... Did you know that his little "bet" and autograph signing has raised 10,000$ charity?

  9. Thank You TCA. Thank you so very much.

    I dint have any internet access for 2 days and I was missing Rob and all that is Rob so much.

    You make my day everyday TCA because I absolutely love Rob and Twilight.

    Thankyou for all the happiness and Sunshine(Rob News)

  10. @Rocku
    Thanks for the information, I should have read more thoroughly anyway! - I feel repentant!


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