June 15, 2009

Peter Facinelli Needs Your Help :-)

Bluetinted has a public service message:
Peter Facinelli has a bet going on with his friend. The bet is that Peter has to get 500,000 followers by Friday June 19th, 2009. If Peter loses the bet he has to give his friend his Twilight actors chair backing that is Peter Facinelli's and has Twilight on the back. If Peter wins though his friend has to walk on a busy street in LA, California in a yellow polka dot bikini singing "Single Ladies" by Beyonce and carrying a sign that says "Twitter Me". Peter said he will video tape this and put it on his official youtube account. I know everyone wants to help Peter out and win this bet so start spreading his Twitter account link and/or this video around to everyone!
Follow Peter's Twitter here.

Thanks, Lissie of http://www.cullensfanclubmexico.blogspot.com!


  1. I created an account just to support him! lol

  2. Already following him . . . how couldn't you? Dude's hilarious.

  3. i will right now after this comment.Peter(Dr.Carlisle Cullen) roxs!!!!!


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