June 26, 2009

Pel from Twilight Lexicon Interviews Kaleb Nation About 'Bran Hambric'

Not Twilight-related, but looky who's here! Pel (Laura) from Twilight Lexicon interviewed Kaleb Nation about his upcoming book, Bran Hambric, at Book Expo America. Watch it at Borders.


  1. Don't want to judge before reading, but sounds like an outtake/offtake from Harry Potter.

  2. Yah it sorta sounds like a HP spin off.

  3. No really, I read the chatpers on his website, it isn't anything like HP! Okay the beginning sounds like it but j. k. rowling didn't invent the orphan boy wizard anyway. I can't wait for the book myself and I think it so cool that Pel interviewed him there, it was great


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