June 23, 2009

Night Filming for Remember Me

More pics at OMG Celebrity News

[via RobPattzNews]


  1. they have to mention to the paps million times, no flash! it's tiring ey.... *sigh*

  2. I'm sorry, even in Texas (where I live) if girls wore hats like that out at night, they'd be laughed right out of the bar. Seriously. During the day, at a music festival or on the lake, OK, but otherwise, gag. Rob, of course, looks delicious.

  3. No damn flashes!! They so should do a closed set shooting. But then we wouldn't get to see all the greatness!!

  4. How many times did they told the paps "NO FLASH or NO FLASHY or KILL THE FLASHY'S" ?

    ALOT , ALOT!!(British accent) Are the paps def?or what?Don't they understand when they say "No FLASH!"Means no flash , can't be taking flash- photography.......Gosh.... they're trying to flim "Remeber Me" and wouldn't let them beacause of the pap's.Anyway i can't wait to see "Remeber Me" on February.Rob look smexy!

  5. That one girl looked like a cowgirl hooker!

  6. I felt totally heartbroken when the camera's started flashing..
    Poor Rob has to deal with that almost every day..
    I feel so bad for our Rob :(


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