June 3, 2009

New New Moon Stills!

[PHOTOS Removed:
Apparently, New Stills were Not Meant to Be Released Until Next Sunday, but somebody goofed!

Pretend you didn't see them. Will repost next week. hehe]

Twilight Sweden sends along these HQ new stills! Click to enlarge.


  1. I can hardly stand it! I need to see this movie SOON!!!

  2. woah...Taylor ... wet and moody and sporting a Wolf Pack tat... how you doin'? ;)

  3. I am lovin the Carlisle picture. He is proective over Bella. If you click on the picture to make it bigger, you can really see the eye contacts! They made his the same shade as his hair, like in the books. Less gold then Edwards.

  4. I dont think i'll be able to wait til november

  5. I dnt knw wht to do........

    I havnt seen twilight yet. Im waiting for its theatrical release in India. I dnt wnt to watch it on DVD. It won't be as mch fun...:(

    Bt I really want to see New Moon Now!!!!!!!

  6. Ok - I need to see more of these stills!!!!! So awesome!!!!

  7. You suck!!!!!!! I want the pictures!!!


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