June 26, 2009

Edouard & New Moon en Français: Ooh, I'm likin' this Tentation :-)

French Edward = good. :-) Is it just me, or do their voices sound really melodic? Loves it.

Thanks, Sally of twilight-fanzone!


  1. Watching that had me giggling and I have no idea why lol.

  2. It's veryy French. lol. Like very France french.. =P

  3. They get it on the 18th?!?!?!

  4. Wow--it sounds so much more sexy in French....perhaps because it makes KStew sound slightly more emotive. Was it just me or does Rob look way more into that kiss than KStew? I have watched this a million times and this just struck me.

    @Crissa--good catch--why would they get it before the states?

  5. @Crissa @VitaminR

    Not in all countries movies open on Friday. Here in Chile they normally open on Thursday but if it's a big title or if we have a long weekend (with some holiday on Thursday or Friday) they can even open on Wednesday. So maybe that's the case for France.

    Any French Twilighter out there?



  6. I am French and the French trailer sounds awful for me... We lost a lot with the translation. I will see it in English anyway...
    For the release, the explanation is that in France the movie released is on Wednesday instead of Friday in America. And maybe Summit is affraid of downloading because in France, we understand English but i am not sure that most of American will download the movie in French...

  7. Hello again:

    I just looked up some French movie theaters' websites and they show their programs from Wednesday June 24th to Tuesday June 30th so I guess movies open on Wednesday in France.

    Still, if a French Twilighter could confirm this it would be great.

    Thanks =O)


  8. hi!
    i'm french and the translation isn't good! i'm ok with about Edward's voice! But i prefer the english trailer!!
    And andrea, the movies open, in france, that's the wednesday!
    sorry for my english

  9. Andrea,

    I Am French and I confirm to you that the movie open is on Wenesday in France.
    And Like I said, it is a way to go against downloading...
    other questions for the French Twilighter?

    And just to know the French version of Edward is Edouard.

    Au revoir

  10. mdr..allez moi j'écris en français directement...
    Bah rien ne vaut la version original...
    la traduction n'est jamais fidèle :O(

    Lol... I'm writting in french and translate:
    The movie in english is the best because the translation is not the same (all of the time).
    And I prefer the voice of the actors in english.

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  12. Umm, hearing Edward speak french...is anyone recalling the fanfic "The Office" right now?! Love it.

  13. Hello,

    I'm Sally of Twilight-fanzone.com, like french twilighter said it, in France the release day for the movies is wednesday.

    The french voices are just Great, Kris voice is just so sweet, even Alice and Edward.

    But in France lot of people prefer the real voices of the actors. And lot of people think the translation is not really good.

    Kisses from France

  14. I'm Belgian and a French speaker and I have to agree with the other French speakers here, the French version just irks me! Maybe it is because I've never read or watched anything Twilight related in French, but I really don't like it. And the French way to pronounce "Jacob", eeeew XD Anyway, I find it interesting that it sounds good to non-French speakers but awful to French speakers... Maybe they should try the French version subtitled in the US ;)

  15. What, you don't like 'Zay-cob?' :)

    I love hearing it in French but wish it was Rob's voice as Edward.

    Should we call this the French-Canadian version, then? :) ha ha!

  16. Oh la la! Edouard est manifique en Fracais. Sorry for my French.

  17. You know maybe 'cause it's in another language or something but you don't pay attention to what they're saying and you focus more on the picture (at least I do) But Kristen looks like she's pulling away during the kiss.

  18. I know french very well and I find french versions of english movies aren't that good.
    But that's just me :)

  19. Didn't understand a word!! But I luvd it, sounds so sexy in French.. Actual knew what they said, only cuz of watching the english version soo many times.:))

  20. Isn't it funny how the French dub fits their mouth movements perfectly?? Lol

  21. And I don't like that Tentation title.


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