June 8, 2009

New Moon Behind the Scenes Set Report Offers Details of School Scenes

Metro went behind the scenes on the set of New Moon in Burnaby Park, and shared its first installment:
Within the lush emerald landscape, Hollywood is hard at work. While caterers are preparing snacks and warm drinks for the 80 teenage extras, director Chris Weitz is preparing to film the first sequence of the day. “Action!” he finally yells, and another long day of shooting begins.

As the extras disperse and pretend to be heading toward the makeshift school building, Kristen Stewart, reprising her role as Bella, is greeted by her four best friends singing her happy birthday as she gets out of her truck.

“Cut! Let’s do it again!” yells Weitz. After shooting the scene three times, the director asks for one more, “just for safety.” And it’s in the can. The enormous crew huddles around, preparing for the next sequence.
Read the rest here.

Thanks, Eyes of Amber!


  1. Everything i read about the scenes tells me that they are sticking pretty close to the book! I am so excited! I think they keep slowly releasing new info to keep us excited..like we would loose intrest or something.

  2. Wow, they are sticking pretty close to the book. Im so glad they decided on visual Edward verses voice Edward. Im so excited.

    I miss pictures of Rob and the cast. Come on New Yorkers...take some pictures, please!

  3. I agree with you kelly! I think Chris did an amazing job sticking close to the book! I know they've change some scenes but the escense is the same...I can't wait to see the movie!!! I think Summit should keep Chris for Breaking Dawn! The quality of the pictures, the make-up and the clothing is way much better than Twilight! I hope to see him as director of Breaking Dawn!!

  4. i agree with Kellyprovence , Kerri , and Ismarie. Katherine did a great job fliming Twilight , but i think Chris is doing a better job because he is sticking to the book , making it realistic , making it come out alive how the book is written ,working really hard ,and making you vizualize and feel the way he feels when he's fliming it.I say great job Chris keep up the good work!Hope you flim the other 2 books.


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