June 9, 2009

My Two Addictions Collide: Dude From 'Lost' Talks About Twilight

Sorry I haven't been blogging as much lately, folks. There are a couple of things going on with me lately: 1) Work. Yes, I allegedly have a demanding, full-time job. 2) I've become addicted to 'Lost', and have been obsessively catching up on episodes every evening.

I decided to finally check Lost out after friends raved about it, but also after Ian Somerhalder, that dude who plays Boone in Lost, cut me in the drink line at the 100 Monkey's concert in Vancouver. At the time, I only noticed him b/c he was hanging out next to Ashley Greene, and because I was pissed that he got a drink before me. However, I guess Ian is now starring as another type of Vamp in the 'Vampire Diaries', and he spoke to MTV about how Twilight made his show possible:
"[Twilight] is a huge phenomenon, Lost alumnus Ian Somerhalder, who plays a vampire in the new show, admitted to MTV News. "Quite possibly and inarguably, yes [we have a show because of it], so I'm not going to complain. I haven't seen ['Twilight'] yet, so I don't know how it compares, but yeah, it's good that they're around."

"Vampire Diaries," based on the early '90s young-adult novels by L.J. Smith, is the story of Elena (Nina Dobrev) who is torn between a pair of vampire brothers, the tortured and well-meaning Stefan (Paul Wesley) and the devilish Damon (Somerhalder).

"Vampires are very hot. It's fun playing a vampire," Somerhalder said. "You're 200 years old. You can fly around. You can eat beautiful girls — well, you can suck on their neck. I don't physically cut them up and eat them. That would be a little sick."

Read the rest at MTV.


  1. Oh you KNOW I'll delurk to comment on BOONE!!!!! Boone in a vampire show. Yep, that's just good programming.

    p.s. A Lost addiction is a good addiction. Cause you know how I feel about that show. Best. Ever. EVER!!!!!

    Yeah, this is a Twilight blog...I love Twilight.
    (I Just love Lost more. Yeah, I said that.)

  2. Boone was SO hot in LOST.
    Those eyes!

    LOST is such an awesome addiction. I can't wait till you catch up so we can chat theories.

    When does Vampire Diaries release?

  3. According to the writers and producers it will air sometime mid- September!

  4. haha - my two favorite worlds colliding! I'm definitely going to catch Vampire Diaries in the Fall.

    Besides being super into Twilight and Losties - I also use to love Buffy and Dawson's (shhhh, don't anyone) so I can't wait to see how a combination of all of them play out.

  5. Lost is amazing!

    @Just Erin- don't be ashamed...my only other obsession before Twilight was the Creek, I LOVE Pacey Witter!

  6. LOST is a fun addiction - - check out www.lostpedia.com sometime, TCA (et all) but be careful not to read any spoilers past what you've viewed so far.

    Such a great show. I've never seen a more intricately-woven show and it's STILL impossible to catch all of the nuances that are there.

    I had no idea there were so many anagrams, for example . . . lostpedia has a section on that, too - - some I caught from message boards when the show's airing, but you have to be careful for goofballs who like to spoil future episodes for people who DON'T want to know what's been leaked.

    I'm sad LOST ends next year but can't WAIT to find out what all the answers are!!! I'm a patient viewer . . . I love the suspense. :)

  7. One of my all time favorite shows! I wrote a blog about it but don't read it if you're not caught up - spoiler!! I too am sad it ends next season but holy shit man, I want some answers!!

  8. Twi-crack, where were you hiding out that you just now got hooked on LOST? Hasn't it been around for like 5 years ?!? Just kidding :) I have seen the promo for the Vamp Diaries and will definitely check it out in the fall. Haven't read the books but will give the show a try; there doesn't seem to be anything good on anymore. By the way, my all time fave cult show is The X-Files. RPattz is my new David Duchovny (who went all pervy. Yuck!)

  9. See, and you posting this makes two of my addictions collide. :) I've been reading LJ Smith since I was a pre-teen and am waiting for the show to start (even if it's a slightly different storyline than the books). So, thanks. :)

  10. LOST! Lost is my other obsession! Glad to hear you're on board as well! lol.


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