June 8, 2009

Missing the Boat on Twilight Conventions? Fans' Overwhelming Response to Twilight Cruise

So, I finally get my shizz together and think about attending my first TwiNerd convention. Man - the Twilight Tour I was thinking about attending in August is already basically sold out. What the Hale? Only the 8:30 b'fast is available, and it costs $100. No. Thank. You.

Bah. I guess it's only a surprise to me and Linda Wolf, owner of the travel agency that is organizing this August's Twilight Cruise (a.k.a. my husband's nightmare vacation):
“In the 20 years I’ve been in the business, I’ve never seen anything like this,” said the self-professed Twilight fan of the buzz generated by her Twilight Fans Cruise. Scheduled to arrive and depart from Seattle, the cruise will offer a costume ball, a Q&A session with “Twilight” actors, movie viewings and more. Film stars Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene are slated to be aboard, and, according to the Twilight Fans Cruise MySpace page, other special guests may also be invited.

The response from the Twi-kind? “Overwhelming,” said Bobbi Weinstein, Wolf’s sister, who works in their small, family-run office. Calls and e-mails about the cruise have been streaming in, and “we are working 12-hour shifts,” said Weinstein.
Read the rest at LA Times Blog.


  1. WOW! That's awesome that a small business is benefiting!

  2. I'm with you TCA. I want to go to a Con and see my favorite celebs but not for the kind of money they charge.
    However, when (and if) they put together a good amount of the wolf pack and put them on the con circuit THEN I'll HAVE to spend the money and go to one.

  3. Don't blame ya TCA - 100 bucks for b-fast- not worth it- I'm sure you would meet some starz- but we can live free through your website and get all the pandamonium fix we need. That's enough for me. Unless it was for charity- that's the only way I would spend a lot of money to meet someone. Cuz after all they are human beings just like the rest of us.(It's hard to remember that on occasion-:))

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  5. Amen to that, Juju. Ashley's got a great haircut and Kellan is ripped, but I will only max out my credit cards for the wolf pack, lol.

  6. I cant go to the Twilight Cruise 1 too much.2 my mom is taking me to the New Moon Premier for my Birthday.A month before New Moon. (just fyi im 12 yrs old and im in 7th grade) And for $100 you can do something else that's worth it. like Heidi Ho said , "they're human beings just like us"The Twilight Saga isnt the only thing that exist , there are many other things too , but not popular enough like Twilight.I think it's a rip-off.Just for B-fast with 2 human beings that play an important vampire from a kewl vampire family , who are rich and famous just cause of Twilight.Not worth it.

  7. Pinky im kind of with you , though i like the vampires more and the only wolves that i love are Jake and Paul.LOL! LMAO.

  8. Hahaha!!! I'm from Alaska and this is HILARIOUS! I can't imagine what that cruise will be like. And, my husband would be died if I tried to make him go!!!

    I agree on the breakfast-not worth it. At all.


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