June 3, 2009

Michael Welch is...Unrequited? :-)

Looks like Mike Newton will be spending his summer in Kentucky working on his new flick, Unrequited. Thanks to Robsten Lovers for the tip!


  1. I dnt know hw the movie will turn out but Michael is HOT.......:)

  2. Hmm...I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

    ...Why can't it be Rob who will be spending his summer in my town, dangit?!?! ;-)

  3. KY? My husband's from KY and we're always there visiting family. I want to meet Mike!

  4. FINALLYYYY!!!!!! I live in KY!!! I can't believe a celebrity would actually come here! The last movie filmes here was that Elizabethtown movie with Orlando Bloom. I wonder what part of KY he will be in???

  5. It's right in Lexington. They wrote about it in the Herald-Leader Wednesday.

    ..>But of course I saw it here, first. I read TCA more than the actual newspaper!

  6. It is true that Michael is coming here, along with some other names to do an indie thriller. We will be announcing the entire cast by the end of next week - June 15


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