June 15, 2009

Message to Slimy Opportunist

Dear Slimy Opportunist,

I noticed that you went ahead and bought TwiCrackAddict.com, TwiCrack.com and ConfessionsofaTwiCrackAddict.com while I was obsessed with Lost and trying to pay more attention to Mr. TCA.

What you didn't realize is that I'm a cheapskate, and I'm not going to buy these domains back from you.


TwiCrack Addict

Update: Bummer -- I guess the culprits don't want me to buy the site;
Navigation Catalyst, a pay-per-click advertising company makes moolah off of people trying to find TwiCrack, but ending up on their site instead.


  1. so...now what? do you lose the site?

  2. why we need you to keep us updated.. who did this.. they blow.. we love this site the way it is... give it back to her.

  3. Hi gals!

    I'm not sure what it all means either. Right now I have a "twicrackaddict.blogspot.com" address, and thought about trying to have my own ".com" domain and making my free blog into a legitimate website, but alas...it's gone because somebody else bought it. Dang. :-)

    I can only guess that they would like for me to pay them so that I can have it back, because they're not using the sites for anything -- just squatting on them so that I can't have them. Oh well!

  4. He didn't buy this one, I think she means he bought the web address's www.TwiCrackAddict.com, www.TwiCrack.com and also www.ConfessionsofaTwiCrackAddict.com

    There for her site will still be www.tricrackaddict.BLOGSPOT.com and not it's own actual domain. Granted she doesn't open one with a different name or different way of spelling it which is easy as pie:)

  5. so basically its like someone buying tons of Tickle Me Elmo's just to sell them on EBay for like 500 bucks come christmas?

  6. Hold strong TCA and remember we love you and will follow you anywhere! :)

  7. This sucks!! You're right Juju! TCA we will follow you! Don't give up!!!

  8. you could always try .org or .net and then not use them - beat them at their own name!

  9. That really sucks. :( When I first decided to do a website - my Mr. Just Erin talked me into not doing a free one - and picking a domain that would be mine. It meant I had to invest a bit --- but while worth it.

    But you can find lots of coupons to keep the initial start up cost down.

    Whatever you decide to take your little blog - people will follow and since this is a free one ... you can always have a link for when people hit this old address, it'll redirect them to the new one. Keep your chin up. You could have a webiste naming contest?

  10. I believe all it means is that since many, many, many people look for twicrack, this person bought a twicrackaddict.com so that people click on their website and make money.

    For instance when people google twicrack, this site is first on the list. Now, however,the other guy paid so that when we look for twicrack theirs will be first and unsuspecting people will click theirs first and get paid.

    But this site is still here for free and for our RPattz fix.

  11. you could try www.tca.com ;)

  12. I agree with Juju and Ismarie. I have something else to say when any of you guys want to got to TCA just type www.twicrackaddict.blogspot.com and it appears quickly or either it takes you some where it says Twilight and New Moon , if it does just click New Moon and your on TCA just fyi.

  13. I have you saved in my favorites and visit you every morning with my coffee. I have several members of my twilight "cult" who visit on a regular basis. We will know the real twicrack when we see it. Love Ya!


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