June 23, 2009

Melissa Rosenberg Talks About Making of Twilight

[via Twilight Lexicon]


  1. Very insightful!! Not sure if I appreciated her work before, but this helps to understand a little better.

  2. That was really cool to watch! I was a little judgmental after watching Twilight for the first time, because all I could see were moments where they strayed from the book. Now I understand why they did so, and I think since it was such a success and they have a higher budget, that the movies to follow will really be great. I'm rereading all of the books again, and I really think New Moon is my favorite now. My greatest hope is that they capture Bella's pain, and show it throughout the movie, from the time Edward leaves until he comes back. That really is the essence of the book and the basis for Eclipse and that storyline.

  3. I agree with you Katie- I too thought the movie was not great- any other story line and this would have been a rental to get around to watching. I love the books so much, the writing is really well done and thought they slaughter SM book. So this gave me a little better understanding, but to often screenwriters -write new stuff and it may be hard when they have great material to change that training and almost plagerize the work. I have a kindle and reread the books several times at what I think is the most pivotal parts. I've always said NM is my fav, but I think Eclipse is quickly going to the top. I agree too bigger budget, hopefully will be better movies- but doesn't always in Hollywood.


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