June 9, 2009

Lauren's 100 Monkey's NYC Concert Videos

Jackson's 'stache is starting to grow on me. Lauren saw the show and had this to say:
Both 100 Monkeys & their opening act Tin Tin Can were INCREDIBLE! If you haven't been to a show then I highly, highly suggest you get to one ASAP. The first show at Angels & Kings was a little rough because Pete Wentz apparently can't afford to put air conditioning into his bar... but it was a really intimate setting, they only sold 100 tickets to the event. There was an autograph signing in the beginning, pizza throughout the show, and then they even gave us free bracelets and autographed CD's at the end. Made up for the lack of air conditioning, that is for sure!

Hill Country had ridiculously amazing food. Downstairs was where the stage was, and the backdrop was a wall sized Texas flag made out of cut up denim jeans - pretty cool! Jackson came out with a fake mustache and a cowboy hat on. One of the guys (if I remember correctly, it was Jerad) said that Rathbone had gone through puberty between the last show and this one... hahaha! They were incredible, yet again, and thankfully this show had air conditioning. ;)

There was no sign of Robert at either of the shows (I've been asked that a lot, so I figured I would just put it out there).
Check out more of Lauren's awesome videos here. Thanks, Lauren (a.k.a. aliceinnyc1)!


  1. I think he looks like Wentworth Miller in that last pic . . .

  2. I am SO jealous and JennJam just made my insides go SHWING by mentioning Wentworth Miller.

  3. Tell me about it . . . HOOOOTTT!

    And Went makes me feel less guilty than crushing on RPattz b/c he's closer to my age, ha ha!


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