June 10, 2009

KStew & Dakota's Runaways Castmates Revealed

Pic of Alessandra Torresani & Lita Ford from Rolling Stone

Alessandra Torresani will star as Lita Ford in Runaways, and Stella Maeve will join the cast as drummer Sandy West. Read more at Rolling Stone.

Also, Michael Shannon of Revolutionary Road may join KStew and Dakota in the Runaways as well. Read more here.


  1. Yeah, the blonde looks alot like a younger Lita Ford. She was just as bad ass as Joan Jett herself.

  2. Always interesting to learn who some of these people are as actresses. I usually have never heard of them. Oh the wealth of information I get on a blog site. LOL. I met JJ back in 1989 in college- she was so nice and a great concert!! I will be interested to see how KS does in her shoes.


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