June 25, 2009

Kristen to test out her singing chops in Runaways

Coral sent me the link to the blog of a Runaways extra, who shared the following exciting news and her thoughts on KStew:
I just want to say this, I feel bad for her and what she has to go though on a daily basis. There were dozens of paparazzi waiting to attack her all day and she couldnt even walk around without being covered. So in respect of that I dont want to get into every detail of her but I do want to say is it was pretty surreal to be in the same room, let alone 3 feet from her and that she really kicks ass as Joan Jett. She was very into her roll and she is a very very professional actress.

So yes thats it :]

But yesterday was a blast. I listened to her sing "I love playing with fire" about 55 times. The girls in her band were very nice and very cool. Joan Jett was also there hanging out and giving rocking out tips all day. It was pretty amazing to see Kristen right next to Joan. She looked just like her.
Read the rest here.


  1. her signing chops? heehee

  2. I wonder if it'll just be her chopping away - I heard KStew saying they may overlap the voices.
    I'm really interested to see the movie though - and not just because those leather pants gotta chaffe!

  3. Thanks- Congrats on being an extra in the movie!!


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