June 6, 2009

Kristen Stewart Has Acting Chops -- and a Big Paycheck

Radaronline interviewed Nancy Nayor, who cast Kristen in the Messengers, and here is what she had to say:
"When we cast Kristen for The Messengers, she was under 18. We added close to $1 million to the budget but we felt she was so special that we had to do it," said Nayer.

"There was a big debate at the studio over whether to hire her because she was only 16, but after reading her, there was no question that creatively she was the only choice. We literally changed our business plan to put her in the movie," agreed fellow casting head Kelly Wagner.
Read the rest at Radaronline.


  1. Ooo what's the messengers about?

  2. Haha this is funny! 'Cause its on Lifetime right now! I've seen it before.
    Hello Juju. It's a scary, thriller movie. Jess Kristen) and her family move to a new house and there's weird, paranormal happenings in the house that only her brother and her can see; her mom and dad,(dylan mcdermott)don't believe her about the house being haunted. She figures out the mystery behind the house and it has a surprising twist, pretty good, worth watching.

  3. The movie itself was disapointing, but Kristen was great in her role. Although nothing compares to the freaking fantastic job she did as Tracy in Into The Wild.


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