June 5, 2009

Kristen is a Below-the-Line Gal

MTV shares details of an old 2005 KStew interview, where it is apparent that Kristen has never been into the fame-game:
“Well, this is never something that I sought out. For most actors, it’s such a struggle to get work,” she told “Zathura” director Jon Favreau, who interviewed her for the story in 2005. “Once they have it, they feel that there’s an enormous amount of pressure on them to make it work, and have everyone love them. In my case, it was never like that.”

Stewart credited her grounded nature to her family, all of whom have some role in Hollywood. “My brother’s a grip. My mom’s a scriptwriter. My dad’s a director,” she said. “So, it’s like, at heart, I’m a below-the-line girl.”

Stewart also talked about how she’s had to grow up faster than a lot of her peers. When most of them were playing MASH in study hall, she was busy acting and not going to a traditional school. Because of this, she said she found that it hasn’t always been easy for her to act like a normal kid. “When I stopped going to school, I got the strongest dose of perspective,” she said. “When you’re a kid, your friends, your school, your teachers, your family — that’s your whole world, your whole existence.

“I lost all my friends but the few that were really close to me,” Stewart lamented, adding that only now, as her friends graduate high school, will they understand what it’s like to have the kind of perspective she’s had for years already.

Read the rest at MTV.

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  1. I love her.. she is amazing

  2. It seems that it was very hard for her ... but I think now she thinks it was worth it..

    she is the best actris for me

  3. Shes never had to work for anything. I think she's very ungreatful for something that so many talented actors have to work so hard for.

  4. I couldn't disagree more, Anonymous @ 1:57am. I don't think she's ungrateful. I think she's uncomfortable.

    If you look back on all of her interviews prior to her involvement with Twilight, she was actually very enthusiastic about the work that she was doing. She was full of energy and actually outgoing, but still in her awkward kind of style. But she closed off after she got involoved in Twilight and the chaos that came along with it started to rear its ugly head. She is obviously very uncomfortable with being the center of attention and I think she feels a lot of pressure to live up to everyone's expectations. Being a teenager is rough. Being a teenager in an adult's world, with adult expectations laid upon you, is even harder. Plus, there were many people back then (and obviously, still now) who seem to do nothing but bash her and point out her flaws. That's enough to make any person, let alone a teenager, angry and withdrawn.

    Maybe if everyone stopped judging and started supporting Kristen for the hard work - yes, hard work - that she's put forth into all of her projects, we'd see a change in her demeanor for the better.

    Just my $0.02. I admire Kristen for the work that she has done and support her for trying to be who she is in the very twisted and superficial world that is Hollywood movies.

    Great article, TCA.

  5. TwilightBrit, I have never posted a comment about any of this stuff online, but I must give you kudos for yours. Your comment was intelligently written and filled with impressive insight and a cool dose of empathy and understanding that is rare in todays online world. Thanks for that!

  6. Kristen rocks and I like her more for not digging the fame and attention.

  7. Oh, cry me a river! Poor little Kristen....she should be ever so thankful that nepitism has it's benefits.

  8. nepitism? u mean nepotism? sure her parents are involved in the business but she built her career step by step- she was in many indie movies that she chose to be in. I love kristen. When I was 19 I didn't wake up at 5:30 to go to work and work till the next morning. Even before Twilight she did that. Even in Italy when she had to take the running into Edward scene she kept asking the director if it looked alright for many times they filmed. Shes professional!

  9. So, she deserves accolades bc she woke up at 530 to go to work? Hmm, a lot of ppl do that.

    But, as the person already stated, nepotism does have it's benefits.

  10. If you nay-sayers insist on continuing to hate on KStew, at least make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors in what you're trying to say. It makes it hard to take your negative comments seriously when they are full of such elementary mistakes.


    Besides, if you hate her so much, why are you taking the time to read articles and make rude comments about her? I know I don't waste my time on things/people that I dislike...


    Do us all a favor and please keep your thoughts yourself. You have rights to your opinions, but this isn't the appropriate place to be sharing them. Go do that on some anti-KStew site.


  11. Nor is this solely a KStew fan site. I am now beginning to enjoy this site, as it seems to truely aggrivate the aforesaid commenter.

    Seriously, how could you interpret that anyone hated her? I would venture to say that no one knows her personally; However, it is fair game for users of this site to express their opinion(s).

    From what I have read, she does appear to be somewhat arrogant. I have read in several different publications that quoted her as saying "that's what I have management for".

    Her statements denote a negative connotation about her personally. Also, her management that she refers to so frequently, should hire a private tutor for public speaking.

  12. 'arrogant'? I don't think she is-she doesn't even claim her success as her own. at MTV awards, she was the first one to mention Stephenie Meyer. and for what I heard from people who actually was in Italy with her as extras and talked to her, she's so sweet and polite. Sure this is not her fansite but it's twilight fansite-and she's part of it whether people like it or not.

  13. oh people are so harsh lol this is in 2005? that makes kristen....14,15?

  14. I grew up in an adult oriented world too. My father was a studio musician and travled with bands all over the country. I was always surrounded by adults and it was hard to return home to kids my age. I found them immature and ungreatful. I craved what they took for granted. So I understand where Kristen is coming from. You develop a bubble around yourself, a tough skin so to speak, and I think thats what her attitude is all about. Shes a vulnerable girl who had to sink or swim as a kid. Not many people understand that.

  15. On another note, Anonymous, your wrong. Rob was the first to mention Stephanie, and Rob wasnt allowed to greet the fans. ead an interview where he was going to greet fans and sigh autographs on his lunch break, skip his meal e but someone said a big fat NO. I think the entire cast of Twilight are good people.


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