June 1, 2009

Kelly Clarkson Sounds Embarrassed to Be a TwiNerd While Talking About Her NM Song

Embrace your TwiNerdiness, Kelly! :-) What is this 'Empty as I am?' song that she wrote? I wanna hear it.

Thanks, Kathy!


  1. embrace is the perfect word for it indeed!!
    Embrace your TwiLove it can only bring forth great things haha

  2. yeah!!! i'm glad kelly clarkson will be on the sound track i <3 all her songs she's done!

  3. Yes embrace it! That was pretty cute!

  4. 1. Heck ya girl! Twilight does that to people. It makes us all Twinerds :)
    2. Her song sounds cool. I want to hear it too.

  5. I don't really listen to Kelly Clarkson but I don't not like her. That's cool if she's really a Twilight fan but I just don't think her music is right for the movie.

  6. I agree anonymous. Im really not that impressed with Kelly Clarkson. But, if we must endure sappy sad sack songs for the breakup scene then so be it.

    I think Metallicas Of wolf and man should be part of the pack scene. It's perfect, it's bout shape shifting into werewolf and living by the nature of it. Metallica rocks!

    I alsothing Foo Fighters Let it Die would be PERFECT for BD! Listen to the ords, people, nd be amazed!

  7. There should be a vast array of different songs for NM soundtrack. But imo, what would be best would be a deep, touching, melancholy song to best capture the tone of NM.

    The band Vast has an ethereal sound to their music. And a lot of their songs imho would be perfect for NM. Like their song, "Flames" makes me cry everytime I hear it, its really moving, melody and lyrics.

    I don't have a problem with Kelly Clarkson I think she seems like a down to earth person and really sweet but I don't think her work meets the criteria of NM.

    I wish to see surprise artist that maybe a lot of people might never listen to or hear about if it not being on the soundtrack, kinda like with Twilight soundtrack.


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