June 10, 2009

Kellan Lutz Does Airplane Pamphlet Workouts :-)

Kellan shared how he keeps fit in spite of a hectic travel schedule with Celebuzz at the Young Hollywood awards:

"It’s really frustrating for me because I’ve just been on way too many airplanes and I try to do those workout things on the airplane and everyone kind of got annoyed because maybe I was trying to workout and they’re like, 'Argghh,'" Lutz reveals.

"They have those pamphlets like so you do dips and then like lunges in the aisle," notes Lutz. "I tried to do push-ups but the aisle wasn’t big enough."

Read the rest at Celebuzz. Sometimes when I'm on planes, I'll see other passengers sporadically lunging their arms in the air, exercising while in their seats. How funny! :-)

Thanks, Loan (again)!


  1. Woooow. I wish I was on a plane with an exercising Kellan.

  2. haha...that sounds like fun...I have only been on 4 airplanes in my whole life, 2 in one day to Nicaragua and 2 coming back. that is funny the aisle isn't big enough for push ups...I was thinking that when I clicked to open this...haha.

  3. LMAO!! I highly doubt this is true, but if it is what a sight to see.


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