June 1, 2009

Is Rob Vanity Fair's Most Handsome Man in the World? Head to the Polls :-)

I loves me some Edward Cullen, but Robert Pattinson has stiff competition for the title of Vanity Fair's Most Handsome Man in the World!

Ok, let's pretend. If I was *forced* to bonk -- sorry, dunno why I'm so crass and evil today have dinner with one of these gorgeous men, I just might not pick Rob -- but, I'm old enough that I could've been Rob's babysitter (shh). Who else am I lusting over? (like you care, but this is my blog, so i'm subjecting you to this non-Twilight hotness.)No always looking for pretty-boys :-)

Gisele Bundchen is one lucky wifey

I love Javier - sans the Dora the Explorer hairdo he sported in No Country for Old Men

Who would you do? If you want to weight in or throw your support behind RPattz, vote here.


  1. Really????

    None of the is competition for Rob in my <3


  2. Too funny - just headed over to look and vote (for Rob) and there are 18 guys in the running. Rob has 75% of the vote, with the closest 2nd place having about 5%. That pretty much says it all.

  3. I know...I always like the weirdos. If people go for Captain Kirk, I'm all about Spock. hehe

  4. I love me some Rob, but Clive Owen..hmm he has some stiff competition there.

  5. Amen girl! I'm with you TCA.
    And my oh my what a list!
    I would drink Hugh Jackman's bath water.
    Clive Owen is toooo sexy for his own good.
    George Clooney has the most amazing smile.
    David Beckham (pre-tattoos) should be illegal for being so fine.
    Javier is like Clive in that he's too dang sexy for his own good.
    I'm torn on who to vote for.

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  7. Leonardo was my generation's Rob - so he has a soft spot with me.
    Hamm is quite dashing!
    Ooo and Brad Pitt. Come on! What girl didn't fall in love with him during Legends of the Fall?

  8. I think Rob is ridiculously photogenic and any photograph he looks great in he just has one of those faces....

    I'm sure he'll win because it's anything and everything Twilight right now. :)

  9. I love me some Rob but Daniel Craig just stops my breath.

  10. JUJU i totally agree with you on the hugh jackman, just been to see wolverine ag OME!!

    And Lenonardo, yes wall remember buying every magazine that had his face on it...

    Honstly Rob is not even my type of man, he's to skinny, to young and he has blue eyes... Well all wrong really, but still he plays a huge part in my fantasy's haha

    I like milo vertimiglia, Eddie Cibrian, johnny depp and ofcourse Hugh Jackman... That man is a god!

  11. i just voted and robert pattinson was in first place with 77% gotta love the twilight fans ahahahha lol

  12. Nice picks Non!
    Milo is totally swoonworthy!
    And Eddie is quite delish!
    Personally I heart Gerard Butler and Hugh Jackman.
    I like real masculine burly dudes.

  13. It;s funny. Im 31 nd feel like my hormones have kicked in since Rob surfaced. All those other guys have nothing on Rob. Sorry.

    Im sorry Tom Brady. Im a New England Pats fan, but I think Rob is just....perfectly beautiful.

  14. I dunno TCA...Rob is just too much of everything smokin' hot. I literally can't think of anyone I fantasize about more than him.

    Although Clive Owen is such a beast. I think I must have a thing for British men.

  15. Clive Owen is my freebie...my husband knows if I ever had a shot I would totally take it. The man is so lust worthy...and just a good guy...with a regular gal for a wife...not some super skinny super model...makes me respect him even more.

  16. you go TCA!! love all these guys too. You're right it is your blog and if you're going to post stuff like this I'll be even more than I am now, if that's possible!! Rob is too young for me, but god there is something about him- not even related to his character- just him so appealing.

  17. I had every intention of voting for Rob, but then I saw Johnny Depp on the list...the only man that could have beaten Johnny Depp for my vote is Christian Bale. Can't wait for their movie to come out in July!

  18. Amm people, I just have something to say.....

    All this hype around twilight and Rob is beginning to scare me a little. I mean if he's got more votes than George Clooney, Milo Ventimiglia and Huge Jackman that means he's extremely famous now. But if he's already reached his peek now, what will happen in a few years, When some of his movies movies won't do this well and when a new heartthrob arrives on the hollywood scene.

    All the good actors do hit a lean patch, dont they. It happens. What will happen then? He's only human. All this fan following and craziness is good now. But what if he feels a little lonely and finds himself all alone in a few years?

    Im a fan. Im just concerned for him. Im scared...


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