June 18, 2009

HitBackDan's Funny RPattz Encounter

This totally cracks me up. HitBackDan, an US Weekly reporter, ran into RPattz and had a funny exchange with him. Here is an excerpt:
Anyhoo, here's the deal. He's actually pretty intense up-close and he was smoking! And I TOTALLY didn't mind... Honestly, this dude could have been screaming and running at me with a chainsaw, shooting a machine gun and I still would have hugged him. Also I was half expecting him to say "Hay-Low" in that weird turn-of-the-century intonation that he uses in Twilight when Bella first talks to him in biology class. But instead I'm sure he was looking at me and contemplating a restraining order, which would have been a good idea in retrospect because I toootally went after him. Wanna know why? Because that's how I roll... Im as gay as I wanna be, F to that Ay-AIR!

So just when R-Patz thought it was safe to escape, I got him. Yes, I got him. So I said, "Robert, do you know who I am?" No, really. I swear to GAWD! And he was all "Errrrr, no man" with fear in his eyes... Also, yeah, he called me a "man". Excuse me for a second while crack open a cold one and change the carburetor in my pick-up... Ok, so then I told him to read the site and he said he didn't read gossip... So I said... "Well HitDanBack is different!!" And seriously he was almost running away from me at this point but managed to turn around and say "How is it different, man?" Also, "man" AGAIN!!?? So I said, "It's different because I only write about two things... vampires and the Irish"...

Ok, so this was one of those moments where I actually tried to grab the words that came out of my mouth and furiously stuff them back in by making large netting motion with my shaking hands. Throw me in prison! He actually looked at me and laughed... Phew! Anyway, after we exchanged BBM pins, apparently he was off just as mysteriously as he arrived.
Read the whole hilarious thing here.


  1. He looks hot in that pic then again he always looks hot in all his pics

  2. Whack job is no better than all the other people swarming Rob.

    I'm really respectful and cool with respectful fans but if the dude is trying to run away...LET HIM.

  3. Rob sounds like a pretty down to earth guy and will even talk to you if you dont scream and rush him like a line-backer.

  4. Lucky ducky!You got to meet the hunky vampire that's damn sexy ,such a good , nice guy! i <3 ROb because he's such a good actor and i love his work!I love everything about him!Very talented , out going and especially down the Earth.

  5. I couldn't help but laugh..


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