June 15, 2009

For Once x17 says something I agree with :-)

I guiltily (and willingly) consume pap pics like those on x17 online, and try to ignore the salacious headlines that generally come with the photos, but for once I kind of agree with their compliment of KStew, who sometimes gets a lot of flak:

Here's the thing about Kristen Stewart: I actually think she's a pretty decent actress who's in the Hollywoodgame because she cares about her craft, not because she wants to be a famous celeb. Twilight probably exposed her more than she thought it would, so when I see her acting all awk around the paps, I don't think she's acting superior, I think she just feels... well, awkward!

See more Too Cute pics of KStew and Dakota at x17.


  1. Her hair looks much better on this pic. I actually prefer her with the black hair.

    I also agree with the X17's statement somewhat.

  2. Well said X17.She is clearly just shy as we saw on MTV awards!

  3. She's one of a kind...talented actress in her own way...she lives the way she wants and doesn't care about anything else...I don't like the blak hair and I think she looks older but this is part of her job and I support that...she really needs a break from movies and paparazzis!

  4. can't agree more with Ismarie- that girl needs a serious break. I like the pics of her earlier on sat when she was going into the studio she looked so pretty. And as for action, she is a true professional i love her so much!

  5. Well said all- Not sure how I would feel about having a my picture taken evertime I stepped out in public- I personally don't even like it when I with friends/family- let alone for the whole U.S. to see.-- I think she is a young actress, that is continually challenging her craft. She did a good job in the fight sequence in Twilight, really hard to act like your in pain, dying etc. Much better at this than the dramatic roles so far anyway.


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