June 19, 2009

Fans Tweeting from the Remember Me Set

A couple of fans are tweeting from the Remember Me set. How people find out these details I have no clue. Follow aliceinnyc as she tweets from outside the set and check out Cybermelli's Rob pics here.


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  3. Reposted from Anonymous:

    they are filming in XXX....doing the beach scenes. can't really see much since security has a better handle of things in an area like this instead of a busy manhattan neighborhood.

    NOTE: Srry I edited, Anonymous! But I don't want to send people to filming locations that are still active. :-)

  4. Good for you TCA. Im proud to be part of a responsible fansite.

    I seriously wonder if Rob feels like a dirty old man surrounded by all these tweens? They dont have flters between their mouths and brains yet. A perfect exmple was the other day.

    The two girls on the left remind me of Jessica and Lauren Mallory. I dont know why exactly, but they have that same stalker vibe. LOL!

  5. I think that's a FUCKIN' AWESOME idea not telling ppl where they're fliming , TCA =) .

    TO FANS :

    People , fans give poor Rob a break , give him his own space.He's really FREAKED out and really SCARED of going out some where away from the set.Too much action happened to Rob's life this week , yesterday he almost got hit by a fuckin' taxi in NYC , while running away from fans from the other day that sexual harass him this week , with many other crazy bitches that call themselves "fans" Twilight "fans" , Twilighters.RESPECT & have MANNERS girls , ladies!If he doesn't want to sign or take a pic with you , then take it in a mature way and chill , go away ,don't jump , touch him , sexual harassing him.That's so DISrespectful and show that you weren't raise with any manners and wasn't told to RESPECT people.I a 12 year old , 8th grader who is really obsess like any other fan , but more.If i hear someone talk about Twilight then i tell them what's going on for about 10 mins and more without stopping , I even get my friends , parent's , EVRYONE i iknow annoyed about Twilight.Im also a big fan of Rob!Ya he's sexy , but we Twilighters still have to give him respcet and ALOT and show him that we have manners and give him his OWN space.We have to understand to respect him , and when he says no , its a no , and dont go sexual harassing him.Poor guy , i feel so bad for him.That's pretty much all i have to say for now.

  6. @TCA Im happy that your a responsible fansite and that i follow someone that's a good person like you , someone who is really responsible,and won't give people info where they're fliming.I like following people like you and your website. i love what you do and i love you alot.

    ~Renesmee Cullen>i<

  7. Can I be an irresponsible person for just one day, to go and hang out on a film set and tell ppl what I and the starz are doing every second!!:)) Sorry, don't think so:(( I would be jealous cuz I wouldn't be making a $$ and they would be getting more for one movie, than I'll make in 2 years.


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