June 29, 2009

Face Punch: Movie that Mike, Bella & Jacob Watch During 3-Way Date

Face Punch now playing at a theater in Forks :-)

Mike Welch offers MTV details behind the filming of Bella, Jacob and Mike's 'Date' in New Moon:

Welch stopped by the MTV studios to discuss such far-ranging topics as his concern for Robert Pattinson's safety and the "three-way date," a scene that has Bella, Mike and Jacob at a movie theater, watching a horror film. But, in the grand tradition of such films as "The Player," "Bowfinger" and "The Purple Rose of Cairo," director Weitz is inserting his own mini "movie within a movie" into the mix.

"The film is called 'Face Punch,' " revealed Welch, telling us about the tongue-in-cheek movie that Bella, Mike and Taylor will be seen watching on the big screen. "It's an action film."

When the cast of "New Moon" began planning out the pivotal date scene, they got a laugh out of some of the silly, fictional action-movie names that Weitz and his crew had assembled. But in the end, "Face Punch" was the winner.

"We started out with a few other comical names, but it turned out those were actual films so we couldn't use those titles," Welch laughed. "I forget the first few titles, but it was like 'Crazy Explosion' — and it turns out, there actually was a 'Crazy Explosion.' "

"Chris came up with the title," he continued. "And apparently there is no 'Face Punch' that we know of."

And although Welch and the other "New Moon" stars weren't able to watch "Face Punch" while they shot their scenes inside the movie theater (they were repeatedly shown the trailer for "Defiance" while Weitz's camera caught the flicker on their faces), he hopes that the filmmaker will shoot some silly action footage for his "Face Punch" mini-movie.

Read more at MTV.


  1. haha well.. it seems theres not going to be a horror movie after all :(.. yet again something thats different to the book... oh well...i like how its 'face punch' cause bella does punch jacob in the jaw.. to no avail of course, its still linked to that title lol

  2. face punch? wasnt it supposed to b a horror movie o well as long as bella punches jacob in the face im good

  3. what was wrong with crosshairs? :(

  4. That horror movie poster I remember must have come from the night Bella and Jessica go to Port Angeles.

    Why do they change such simple things to recreate? Like the wrapping on Bella's birthday gifts. It was in such detail in the books - so easy to recreate.


  5. What was wrong with the zombie movie they were suppose to see? I don't have a problem with book to movie adaptation changes but it's the unnecessary changes that bother me.....oh well :(

  6. I think this is rather funny!!! Not sure why, but I was giggling while reading the article. What movie they go see will most likely be irrelevant, cuz the film will be focused on the three of them sitting in the theater, trying for Bella's affection/hand holding what ever you want to call it. The dialogue will most likely be quick reference to the movie when Mike gets sick.

  7. She goes to see the zombie movie with Jessica, not the boys :)


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