June 1, 2009

Edward's Mysterious Dots & Six-pack Speculation Laid to Rest

(This pic is giving me the heebie-jeebies...)Radaronline gets to the bottom of the Mysterious Moles:

"These are markers to help the person who is creating the effect put the diamonds on his body later and it will be composited,² Elephano, production supervisor in the animation department at USC's School of Cinematic Arts, tells us.

"When he moves the diamonds stay with him in 3-D space, farther and closer, the shape of the diamond will change depending on how far or close he is when he moves from the camera.
Read more details here. Also, an Italian source shares that Rob's Abs are rock-solid real:

Our on-set source says that, despite the special affects abound in the vampire flick, the toned up bod belongs to RPattz and not a computer screen.

"He looks absolutely amazing, and the six-pack is real, so, so very real!" the source says.

Not that it matters if Rob is sporting a faux-pack; I don't care if he has a six-pack...We love him regardless, right ladies? :-)

Thanks, Loan & Alexis!


  1. I think it's his but the shadowing on the make-up helps the definition.
    Either way he's doing a fine job as Edward.
    You go Rob!

  2. a six pack not necessary to LOVE Rob it's just icing on the cake but oooooooohhhh so nice!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wujuuu yeahh! the six pack is just a plus hahaha


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