June 11, 2009

Eclipse & Last Airbender Among Most Anticipated Movies of 2010

Coed Magazine lists its top 20 most anticipated movies of 2010, and Eclipse and the Last Airbender (starring Jackson Rathbone) both made the cut. Here's what Co-ed had to say:
#15 - Eclipse

COED’s Take: Why include the third Twilight movie to come out in less than two years? Two reasons. One, because it’s literally highly anticipated: right now there are a couple million 14-year-old Twilight fanatics searching the Web for articles that mention it. And two, because the new director, David Slade, might actually bring a spark to this franchise. He did 2005’s Hard Candy — the most disturbing movie to feature a teenage girl cutting a grown man’s testicles off since, well, ever — and 2007’s 30 Days of Night. So, at least he knows his way around vampires.

#12 - The Last Airbender

COED’s Take: This will either be a really cool movie or an epic failure to end all epic failures. M. Night Shyamalan finally branches beyond his patented thrillers, which is nice since The Happening and Lady in the Water sucked. But is he up for this kind of big-budget fantasy? Few people have heard of the source material, which means box office is pretty shaky unless the ad campaign wows a lot of people. But it will be cool to see Slumdog Millionaire’s Dev Patel try to make a name for himself beyond last year’s Best Picture winner.
Personally, Three Stooges is up there for me. My dad made me sit through endless hours of the Three Stooges growing up, so I gotta see it with my pops. :-) If you want to weigh in and see the entire list, check it out here.

Thanks to LettersToTwilight for the heads-up. :-)


  1. Yaaaaayy for Jackson!

    I *LOVE* M. Night and I hope 'Airbender' does well.

    I also wish M. Night would direct 'Breaking Dawn.' NO ONE can do the mix of suspense and emotion quite the way he can . . .

    Lastly, WHY do writers keep referring to Twilight fans as 14-year olds? Is it not yet obvious that it far exceeds that age limit, PLUS, I'd almost venture to say that the adult-obsession with Twi more than takes the market, possibly because adult obsessions aren't quite as fleeting? I don't know . . . I mean, teens might still love it but there will be 12 other things they *squee* about and love before NM comes out, while we just *squee* about NM the whole time, LOL.

  2. I concur!
    Those are the two I'm anticipating the most for next year.
    M. Night is my favorite director.
    Plus it's M. Night with Jackson!

  3. I am excited for Eclipse, not doubt about that.
    But I am dreading Air Bender. I love the show but anime fans, including myself, hate seeing anime turned into live action movies. They are just terrible. Especially if they're not in Japanese because they are just terribly made. If Air Bender does happen make some money in theaters, it will be because the numerous twilight fans that will go and see it just because of Jackson.

  4. I will go see anything M. Night does, just because it's M. Night. :)

    BUT, Jackson is an added bonus and I look forward to checking out more movies with the Twi cast in them in the future.


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