June 1, 2009

Dishing on Rob's Fame: Mike Welch Would Rather Be Mike Newton


  1. Shes So Pretty! Awe Poor Rob...he sure handles himself well though

  2. She is gorgeous!!

    I like Mike a lot! he seems a nice guy. I can't even dislike Mike Newton in the movie. I can't dislike Jessica either. They seems a lot more likable in the movie than in the books. Maybe it's because the actors seem to be really nice people.

    I think Rob is doing great handling this craziness. Especially because he is kind of shy which must make it even harder for him to get so much attention. But he is awesome. Just ANOTHER reason to love him even MORE!!!

    Great job last night!!!!


  3. Damn...can't open MTV videos in my region. What the hell?? We have MTV in Canada...the studio is in downtown Toronto!

  4. 1. Great point!
    2. Her dress and hair are great!


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