June 12, 2009

Dakota Readying For Runaways

See more pics of Dakota at the studio readying for Runaways at Gossip Girls.

I wonder if Dakota and KStew will sing for real. :-)


  1. Kristen is very musically inclined. She's been playing the guitar for about 8 years and has recently been working on mastering the electric guitar, which was given to her by Joan as a Christmas present. Kris been working on her vocals in this studio this week. She said she's giving it her all so I really hope we get to hear her and Dakota both in the finished product.

  2. Did you see the shoes she was wearing? They were insane ... both in a good style and a I would fall over if I wore them way.

  3. Dakota is a great example of someone that has her own style and looks effortlessly great without sacrificing her individuality. Kudos.


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