June 17, 2009

Daily Mail: KStew's Joan Jett Prep

Daily Mail shares insights into how Kristen is prepping for her role as Joan Jett, and Joan's confidence in KStew's ability to portray her younger-self:
Already a guitar player, Kristen has been honing her singing skills for the movie.

On Monday, Kristen and Joan spent several hours recording at Sunset Sound Studios.

Kristen said: 'I'm just listening to her music all the time. I'm trying to just make myself aware of the time period and what she was going through.

'It's one of the most immense responsibilities to play a real person. Her story's important. It's an incredibly triumphant feminist story really.

'She's the first woman to ever start her own record label. So many people know her as just being like one of the coolest people to ever live. That in itself is one of the most intimidating things that I've ever had to confront but she's so cool too.'

Joan is equally enthusiastic about Kristen: 'When her hair is cut and with the right make-up, Kristen should make a really good me.

'She sounded great and played well (on the guitar). She has the passion for it, which you can't really be taught.'
Read the rest here. I can't believe that Joan Jett is 50 -- she looks so young!

Thanks Desuana from TwiGossip!


  1. haha...about the thing that Joan Jett looks very young...they call it botox.

  2. Joan is 50?Really?I thought she was 32 , she looks soooo ,young !looks are deciving aren't they?

  3. she does look young! kstew is doing an awesome job!

  4. I wish I had a mentor like her to teach me!! I'm jealous!! I'm sure KS is very grateful and will do a great job.


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