June 9, 2009

Currently Casting A-hole: More Eclipse Audition Deets - Rehearsals in August, Filming in September

Acting 411 has more info about casting for Maria, Bree and Royce King II. Love reading the descriptions. You think you can hack it? Read more here.

Also, sounds like rehearsals will begin in August and filming in September. Cool beans.

Man, I'd make the perfect Bree - if I were 14. I'm short, dark-hair and can sound like a banshee when I'm pissed.

Thanks, Lissie of Cullen Fanclub Mexico!

EDIT: Well, looks like somebody at Acting 411 is on crack. Apparently, this is NOT official information, and that Acting 411 provides unreliable information, no matter how official that pic of that dude on the blog looks. :-)


  1. This makes me so excited. You know why? It means that they're gonna tell Jasper's story!! :D

  2. LOL he is an a-hole :P and ditto to prev. comment, woot for jaspers story! yey david slade? can he be trusted now? lol :P

  3. omg and if they are shooting jasper scene that means we get to see the diner scene where he meets alice!! Aww.
    i cant wait :)

  4. Anon - I know!! That little bit where Alice and Jasper's story is told is one of my all-time faves from the series and the book :)

  5. Aparently this article is a fake...I read it in other blogs! :-(

  6. Ooo I can play Maria the Latina huntress.
    If only I was in my mid-twenties again.

  7. yay ..... FLASHBACKS!! Can't wait to see all the stories :) ...... I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it!!

  8. They add new characters?Im confused.Can someone explain , please!


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