June 30, 2009

Christian Serratos Dishes on Chris Weitz & Catherine Hardwicke's Director Styles

Christian Serratos talks to OMGCelebrityNews about the difference between working with Chris Weitz & Catherine Hardwicke.


  1. Dude, what is with the beginning music? LOL! Anywho, Christian Serratos is a very pretty girl. Kinda too pretty for Angela.....But they do give her those hideous glasses in the movie, lol!

  2. She looks so different in the movie. She is pretty there too but in real life she is so stunning.

  3. She is a very pretty girl!! I think she did a good job acting too for her 1st movie. I'm sure will see a lot more to come from her.

  4. I hope to see her in other movies too!
    @Heidi Ho is that her 1st movie you say?WOW!She did a very good job!=)


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