June 3, 2009

Chris Weitz's Italy Press Conference

Twilight Italia shares this video and exclusive story about the New Moon Press conference:
We finally got the video, also subtitled in english! As you know, last week, on May 25th, we had the amazing opportunity to be present at the Italian Press Conference with Chris Weitz, Bill Bannerman and Wyck Godfrey (producers of New Moon).

The Press Conference was held to officially communicate the start of the filming in Italy with the Cast of New Moon and to answer questions from italian journalists. Imagine what honor it was for Twilight Italia (and for me) to be the only fansite allowed there! I attended and brought my camera with me in order to film the conference and to subtitle it for the italian fans.

Given the interesting opportunity to learn more about the movie, and to hear some interesting insights from Chris Weitz himself, we figured it would be a good initiative to put up an english news page on our website to show the video to non-italian fans: so we subtitled in english the questions asked by the journalists and prepared an introductory article in english. You can find it all at this link.
Read all the details here.


  1. Very cool indeed!! Thanks TCA! They finally explain why 3 different directors, I've always wondered that question..

  2. there wouldn't happen to be a typed out version of that conference would there?


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