June 10, 2009

Celebrating Bloggy Milestones: Free Stuff = Good Stuff

Congrats to Lauren on her 100th post! In honor of this achievement, Lauren is giving away a cool Gated Heart Necklace. Go to Lauren's Bite for details about how you can enter.

Also, Jenny Jerkface and Snarkier Than You are celebrating their 100th TwiTarded post as well!

Visit TwiTarded to see how you can win Twilight-inspired perfume sprays, a copy of the Twilight DVD or a copy of the 'Secret Language of Birthdays' book.


  1. I previously celebrated my 100th post and gave away the Twilight DVD and Book. I wonder what I plan to do for my 1000th post...(even though it's 785 posts away...:D

  2. 1000th post - eek! - i might have to leave that to the likes of TwiCrack and the other super-bloggers - but you never know! Keep an eye out some time in 2012...

    Thanks for the shout-out, TC! And congratulations, Lauren!!!

    I [heart] blogging. (as long as it's about Twilight - lol!)

    : )


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