June 5, 2009

Cam Gigandet's Romantic Lead Role in Five Star Day

The trailer for Cam Gigandet's new flick Five Star Day is out today!
Fresh off his 2nd win for Best Fight at the MTV Movie Awards alongside Robert Pattinson comes Cam Gigandet's newest film, "Five Star Day" costarring Jena Malone AND WHOEVER in the debut feature film from writer/director Danny Buday.

In his first romantic lead role, Cam Gigandet plays Jake Gibson, a mid twenties college student who sets out to disprove the theory of Astrology. Along the way he learns important lessons about life, love and the difference between ones fate and their destiny.
Read more about it at LettersToTwilight!


  1. i will see anything with cam in it, b/c damn the man is SEXY and an amazing actor

  2. hmm..looks a little boring. but i'll go see it, just to see cam and all his sexiness. (:

  3. I thought it sounded interesting. Cam looked great.

  4. Ooo I think it sorta sounds cool and interesting. I like stories that are fresh and haven't been done before.

  5. Finally, a movie where he doesn't play a bad guy.

  6. first off, this movie looks good.

    secondly, I LOVE Jena Malone..totally forgot about her. woulda been a good choice for Rem Me

    thirdly, dude, Cam Gigandet is smokin' hot, i'm sorry

  7. Looks very interesting. Cam is gooooorgeous :) I'll definitely be seeing this. Jena Malone is the cherry on top.

  8. I could listen to him read the phone book...sigh....
    And is that not the coast he worn in some Twilight photo shoot?
    ...And this like it's gonna be a good one!

  9. This looks like a unique and interesting movie. I think Cam is going to be really big in the near future, just wait! And I too love Jena Malone, she's such a good actress and so adorable. Before I knew who was picked for Bella I thought she would have been good for Bella.

  10. Sounds like it could be an interesting movie.

    However, none of those people really look like they're in their mid-20s, and incidentally, none of them look like they're the exact same age to have been born on the same day.

    Cam looks way younger than the dark-haired guy born on the same day he was . . .

  11. XOXOXO love you twicrack! thanks for featuring 5 star day and linking us!



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