June 19, 2009

Ashley's Cab-avoiding Tips for RPattz

MTV chatted with Ashley yesterday at the Lakers celebration, and she had some words of wisdom for RPattz:
"Don't run in the streets, Rob!" Greene told MTV News while on the red carpet at the Los Angeles Lakers' NBA championship celebration, which took place at Club Nokia.


  1. That's What his security team should of thought of!!!

  2. i agree with you Heidi Ho.Ashely is such a nice person. =)

  3. Especially in New York...that's pretty much a death wish.

  4. My thoughts exactly. He's from London for goodness's sake. They mostly use public transportation.....not that a bunch of screaming girls isn't enough to run from--but still.

  5. wait.

    rob really did get hit by a cab?!?!?!?!?
    i thought it was a joke. . .


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