June 25, 2009

Ashley Witnesses Crash While Out with a Friend

What a bummer! TMZ has a video of Ashley witnessing a crash while out last night. I hope that everybody's ok! :-(

See more pics of Ashley out at Katsuya with a buddy at Just Jared.

Thanks again, Coral. :-)


  1. I feel bad for whoever was in the crash. I hope everyone is ohkay as well.

  2. The camera never catches her looking bad. I think she's a future fashion icon.

  3. I agree completely Juju- I have to admit I'm a little jealous, only because I am not photgenic at all- My photo's always come out like the pics of celeb's when they get arrested- like I just rolled out of bed without a shower for a week!! I bet if they took a picture of Ashley in that scenerio she would look beautiful!!

  4. Yeah i agree. She always looks so gorgeous, its not fair. I love her<3


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