June 10, 2009

Ashley Featured in NylonGuy This Week

Here is an excerpt of the Ashley Greene interview featured in Nylon Guy magazine, out this week:
On Alice Cullen: "The Happiest, Perkiest, Cutest girl you'd never expect.”

On moving to Los Angeles as a high school senior: "You're 17. There are no adults. It's L.A. And so I went through this stage where I would just go out, not be responsible, not focus on work or class, and my management was like, 'Listen, you could go either way. You could be this person - I won't name names - a reality show actress. Or you could go this way - award-winning actress.' That was a real shock.”

On the Twilight cast: "We get along really well," she says of her co-stars, who are all confirmed through at least a third movie. "And thank God! Can you imagine going back over and over if we didn't?"

On Rob Pattinson’s fame: "Oh God. Poor Rob is already a Beatle. His whole life is documented. If he picks his nose, it's all over the Internet. He's just done for. I think he's kinda freakin' out, like, 'What the fuck is going on?'"

But she gets chased by paparazzi, too: "You don't want to have your picture taken when you're coming out of a club all wasted. It's tough… I get a call from my mom in the morning, and she says, 'So I see you went out again last night.' I might as well have a GPS chip in my skin, but no, I have the Internet.”
See more pics here.


  1. I loved Ashley before but now I really love her! LOVE her honesty!! Sooo charming!

  2. Hum I'm kinda confused. She moved to LA at 17? Alone?

  3. Yes she moved to LA when she was 17 years old alone

  4. Ashley is so on my list of girl crushes. She's so adorable but i can't imagine her saying fuck for some reason lol

  5. 17 and alone?!! Pretty Women- glad to see she didn't go down that road. LOL

  6. I admire AshelY ALOT , ALOT! And i love her character Alice Cullen.I also like how she dresses . I might get my hair like her or either purple and leveled.


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