June 10, 2009

Ashley, Daniel & Charlie Berlin Audio Interviews: Faster than Usain Bolt? :-)

If you can read German, Bunte has an interview with Ashley Greene, Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore up on their website, with audio interviews that you can listen to. The ladies at Twilight Movie.org offer a Google English translation here, though the translation is kind of on crack:
Had the three super powers like the characters in their film be ascribed? "The seer administration would make me absolutely insane," says Greene, the film as Alice in the future can look. However, all three would be happy as much and as fast as the vampires in "Twilight." "It would be great if you could say that it would be the fastest beings in the world, faster than Usain Bolt" Bewley commented dryly.
Wha? Thanks, Natty & Riza!


  1. The Introduction
    Are the Volturi vampires from new moon good or bad? Who are the three in Italy? And are Robert Pattingson and Kristen Stewart also a couple in real life? Bunte Online was brave enough to spent time in a room with Ashley Greene, Daniel Cudmore and Charlie Bewley.

    And then the piece you already put up:
    Would the three like to have the superpowers their movie characters have? "The seeing power would drive me totally crazy" admits Ashley Greene, who's character in the movie can look into the future.
    However, all three of them would like to be as fast and strong as a vampire. It's remarkable to imagine being the fastest creature in the world. Faster than Usain Bolt (apparently a famous sprinter, it is remarkable what you can learn from a twicrack adiction), comments Bewley.

    Hope you find it interesting.
    I just did this piece, the entire text is a tad long.. .

  2. oh and the piece about Robsten:

    Only one question has the 22 year old actress stumbling: Are Robert and Kristen in real life a couple, just like edward and bella? "I'm not alowed to answer that question." Says Greene with a smile. Will this unanswered question bring back the rumores?

  3. Great audio vids, I too am looking forward to the fight scene between Edward and Victoria on the mountain cliff, I hope DS does it justice.


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